Mike LePond talks about new project “Mike Lepond’s Silent Assassins”.


Metal Noticias PT gives to Loudness Magazine the oportunity to interview Symphony X bass player’s to tell us about his new project “Mike Lepond’s Silent Assassins”.
Find out here more about this new project!


Hello Mike, It is a huge pleasure to have the opportunity to interview you and ask you some questions about your work as an artist, especially about your own name project Mike Lepond’s Silent Assassins.

[LM] This is your own name project where you play alongside with other musicians. How did you come up with this team of musicians and vocalists?

[Mike] I live in New Jersey, USA and I wanted musicians that lived here too so I could go to the studio with them. I assembled the best talent this area has to offer. I had worked with all these musicians in the past so it was a painless process.

[LM] Why did you start this plan to create your own project? What were your main reasons and objectives?

[Mike] My first love has always been classic heavy metal and I had always dreamed of releasing an album in this genre. I thought it would also be a perfect side project when Symphony X is off the road.

[LM] Can you talk a little about the entire process of the conception of this whole work since the recording sessions, creating the artwork and choosing the records company?

[Mike] The entire process took 3 years. I did all the writing on the Symphony X tour bus. Then I had to find the right musicians which took more time. After the recording I had to find the right record company and promote. It was an exhausting task.

[LM] Let’s stop with all the speculation. Mike Lepond’s Silent Assassins music is clearly different from Symphony X style. Is it true that these songs are homage to the greatest bands in Heavy Metal history?  “Apocalypse Rider” is totally Motorhead style, right? Tell us a bit more about this great tribute and its influences.

[Mike] Yes Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins is my tribute to the greatest metal bands that ever lived. They have made me what I am today. For example, Apocalypse Rider comes from my Motorhead influence. I tried to capture their raw, in your face sound on this song.

[LM] The creative process is done essentially by you or do the other musicians on the project also contribute with ideas and musical influences?

[Mike] On this album I wrote the music and lyrics, but Alan Tecchio would sing to it in his own unique style. The same goes for the other instruments. It was a like a band collaboration.

[LM] Regarding the lyrics, who wrote it? With a name like Silent Assassins and with a figure that seems to invoke the Trojan Horse, the inspiration for the lyrics comes from this moment in history?

[Mike]  I love history, mythology, and literature. I think these epic tales fit perfect with Heavy Metal music. I wanted every song to be it’s own little story. For example, Silent Assassins was written about the Greek warriors who were hiding inside the Trojan horse.

[LM] The album was released in 2014 and we are already in 2015. During this year did you have many concerts? How has been the public reaction to this work?

[Mike]  Since it’s release 1 year ago, I am pleased with the reaction from the metal world and the Symphony X fans. The reviews have been outstanding and it is still growing. I have not done shows yet but I am assembling a live band right now to play in the future.

[LM] Between September and October, you will go on tour with Symphony X around North America. Do you have plans for a European tour with a date in Portugal? And what about with Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins project?

[Mike] Symphony X returns to Europe in February 2016 and I am told we will play a date in Portugal. I would love the Silent Assassins to tour Europe someday as well.

[LM]  We imagine that in the period ahead you will have a lot of activities now that Symphony X just released a new disc. How has been the combining of agendas between Symphony X and your own name project (or Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins project)?

[Mike] I will be very busy over the next two years. Symphony X will be touring the world. I will use this opportunity to continue to introduce Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins to our fans on the road. I will also be writing a second record.

[LM] Finally, how do you define the project’s Mike LePond Silent Assassins?

[Mike] Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins is true heavy metal CD. It is raw, pure, and made with a lot of love.

Special thanks to  Metal Notícias PT11204922_891468370932827_3154108119343984627_nOliveira, A. & Roriz, E.

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